Lemon Theory

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

We're looking for socio-political articles that are current, and non-fiction. Topics can be remotely anything that the author has a direct or indirect relationship with such as; Mental Health, Cultural Issues, Life Epiphanies, etc. We want new writers and seasoned writers for publication. Since being founded recently, we're very open and fast to respond to publication. 

Lemon Theory © (www.lemontheory.com) was created on two foundational values: 

1. Everyone has the ability and right to live a happy, healthy, and connected life despite the challenges and stigmas of mental health. 

2. Life isn't just two sides, one kind of person, culture, background, sexuality, gender, or ethnicity. There is more to our story, and as humans, we can be a bit messy and raw, and that's all right.

This concept is where the term, Lemon Theory ©, was born. It is a refreshing take on the modern generation that hits some sour topics that aren't easy to talk about but should be discussed. Blended with the contemporary age of social media—prose, poetry, articles, visual art, photography, and videography—Lemon Theory © will grow into a community of those devoted to learning more about themselves and what it means to be human.


IG: @lemontheory

Lemon Theory